Generating Power & Jobs

TVA Economic Development serves seven states that make up the TVA service area - Tennessee and parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky.

TVA Economic Development provides the following services to communities in its service area and prospective business:

  • Site location information through, a comprehensive GIS-based database of properties and buildings that includes detailed demographic, community, and business reports.
  • Financial incentives for a wide range of business sectors that can include grants, low-interest loans, power bill credits and deposit insurance coverage for new and expanding businesses.
  • TVA has target industry specialists knowledgeable in specific business sectors to help you locate and grow your company.
  • Community and retail development assistance that helps communities market their strengths, target suitable industries, and retain existing businesses.

Power Reliability

  • Since 2000, the TVA system has delivered 99.999 percent transmission reliability.
  • TVA's robust network, which includes 16,000 miles of transmission line and 487 substations and switchyards, is more than sufficient to supply its 80,000 square-mile service region.  

By partnering with 155 local power companies and directly served large industries and federal installations, TVA ensures that businesses receiving TVA power enjoy one of the most reliable and efficient power systems in the nation.

Competitive Rates

TVA's vision is to be one of the nation's leading providers of competitively priced and cleaner energy by 2020.

  • TVA understands that controlling power costs while protecting reliability is critical in helping companies grow.
  • TVA keeps its rates competitive by maintaining a diverse portfolio of nuclear, hydro, coal and renewable generation. This generating diversity allows TVA to significantly reduce its exposure to sector-associated risk and commodity price spikes.
  • Rate discount options may be available depending on your business circumstances and power use.