Roane County High School Educators Visit Manufacturing Businesses

140 educators from Roane County participated in the Roane Alliance’s extension of the Educators in the Workplace program.

November 17, 2016

On November 8, 140 educators from Roane County participated in the Roane Alliance’s extension of the Educators in the Workplace program. Educators in the Workplace is a program founded by the Knoxville Chamber and links educators with business leaders through industry visits. The intent of the program is to help educators find ways to link what they teach in the classroom to real-world applications, so they can keep their students engaged and excited about what they are learning.

The visits allowed educators to learn about the skills, workplace culture, and career awareness opportunities that businesses need from the workforce for both the individual and the organization to be successful. They also learned what the organizations produce and the services provided, and why these skills in the future workforce are critical to success. The visits underscore why it is important for educators and business representatives to establish relationships with each other to support and enhance the education and training of our future workforce.    

“This is one of the most important and impactful workforce development actions that the Roane Alliance has coordinated in working with our schools and businesses,” said Wade Creswell, president and CEO of the Roane Alliance.  “It could not have been accomplished without the forward-looking leadership of Leah Watkins, Director of Roane County Schools, and the dedicated leaders of the 10 organizations that hosted our educators.”    

Educators from five high schools in Roane County visited the following Roane County organizations:

  • AlbaHealth
  • C.R. Barger and Sons
  • Dienamic Tooling Systems
  • PermaFix/Diversified Scientific Services
  • Proton Power
  • Volkswagen Group of American-Distribution Center
  • Kimble Chase Life Science & Research
  • NetShape Technologies
  • Roane State Community College
  • Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Harriman

“Previously, our high school, career and technical education teachers, and school counselors have visited these businesses, but this is the first time that all the other high school educators participated,” said Allen Lutz, education and workforce development specialist of the Roane Alliance.

The Roane Alliance is part of the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley economic partnership and is Roane County's comprehensive resource in anything and everything concerning businesses, tourism and economic development.  Its mission is to create an environment and a unified voice that promotes job creation, economic development, enhanced quality of life, education and workforce.