Seamless Metal Bellows Manufacturer to Invest $3 Million, Create 27 New

September 4, 2014

Tennessee Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty along with Fulton Bellows, LLC officials announced today the company will expand operations by relocating and integrating new equipment to its existing Knoxville, Tennessee facility. Fulton Bellows, the oldest manufacturer of seamless metal bellows, will invest $3 million and create 27 new jobs in Knox County.

“Tennessee is known for having strategic advantages in a number of key sectors, and across several of those sectors, Fulton Bellows’ products can be found,” Hagerty said. “Fulton Bellows has a rich history and tradition of craftsmanship that has evolved over the course of a century, and today’s announcement is further evidence of the pro-business environment Tennessee offers to both new and incumbent industries. I appreciate the company’s continued investment in Tennessee and for providing additional jobs to our quality workforce.”

Fulton Bellows products are utilized by several markets including aerospace and defense, industrial, automotive and medical. Aerospace and defense markets utilize Fulton’s products for fuel control, flight controls, air-to-air missiles, oxygen generating systems and satellites. Fulton’s products have a wide variety of uses within the industrial market and can be found in such applications as household and industrial hot and cold water plumbing controls, heating and ventilation systems, and industrial boiler applications. A long term supplier to the automotive industry, Fulton supplies products such as thermal actuators, switches, valves and throttle position sensors. Medical market applications include gas control systems and can be found in operating rooms in surgical procedures.

The Fulton Company was established in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1904 as the Fulton Sylphon Company.